Welcome to #30DaysofGoddess!

October Practice Update

The theme for October’s practice is Mystery.


August Practice Update

Welcome to August! Our theme for this month is Sustain. NOTE: this video was filmed last year. New monthly videos will resume in September. We are now rapidly approaching 1000 days of continuous practice! So exciting. Watch for a special free celebration devotional series coming in September to honor this 1000 day milestone!

365 Days of Goddess Montage Video

Celebrating the publication of 365 Days of Goddess with a montage video of reading from contributors!


June Practice Update!

The theme this month is Flourish. 

Reminder: orders are now open for our new book: 365 Days of Goddess!


Welcome to #30DaysofGoddess! From stressed to centered…

…in just fifteen minutes a day. Step into the life-changing magic of daily practice, attuning your senses to the enchantment at work in the ordinary, and the touch of the sacred in your very own life! This four minute overview video lets you know what is available each month during this ongoing free practice.

Welcome to #30DaysofGoddess!

If you are looking for ways to make a space for the sacred and for yourself in your own life, this five minute video welcomes you in to the magic of daily practice. It will change your life! (scroll down for previous Monthly Practice resources and printables)

May Practice Update

The theme for this month is Enchantment.

Creating a Devotional Rhythm

How can we make space to let the sacred permeate our lives?

This video explores how to create a devotional rhythm or devotional flow in your life.

Preparing a prayerbook

Plus some related thoughts on creating sacred space. Scroll down for links to the handouts and resources referenced.

New for 2023!

We have an annual classroom for #30DaysofGoddess for 2023. This will be where all of the perpetual files (like cut-out runes and blank prayerbook files) will live during the upcoming year. You'll be able to easily snag anything you've missed or want to re-use from the classroom's library section. Discount code for newsletter subscribers: GODDESSEVERYDAY. Click here to sign up.

Reminder: Simple and Sacred
Our monthly virtual live circle: Simple and Sacred is offered on the second Friday of the month. In 2023, the circle will be shaped around We'Moon's Holy Days content, allowing us to take a deeper dive into everyday magic and seasonal celebration together. Live circles are open to anyone on the #30DaysofGoddess newsletter list, replays are available for the Patreon community only.

Monthly Practice Cards!

Excited to introduce a new resource to support your practice from a monthly perspective! (Make sure to scroll down for the rest of our monthly resources and updates.)

Why 30 Days?

This is a brief exploration of the power of the 30 day commitment, and re-commitment, when it comes to daily practice. I am a big fan of “goddess everyday” and 365DaysofGoddess, but why should we intentionally recommit every 30 days rather than jump into “lifetime”?

Ten Reminders for Daily Practice

Ten refreshers and reminders about creating daily practices that work for you and fit your life.

Monthly Practices!

Welcome! You are probably here because you feel a hunger or a calling to create a fulfilling daily practice. Maybe you are wondering how to incorporate more magic into your days. Maybe you are looking for nourishment and encouragement. Maybe you want support and connection. Maybe you are curious about how to blend creative practice into a devotional practice. Wherever you come from, you’re likely seeking ideas and tools for how to make a space for the sacred, and for yourself, in your very own life. #30DaysofGoddess was created to support you in crafting a simple, daily practice on your goddess-centered path. It combines creative practice with devotional practice and sacred space and gives us a small and reliable container for being present in each day. It is simple and infinitely variable all in one. It combines spiritual practice, creative practice, and sacred space into one unique experience!

Created by Molly Remer of Brigid’s Grove, the core practice is offered free each month, thanks to support from our Goddess Magic community on Patreon. Members of Goddess Magic community also receive access to many additional bonuses, additions, printables, and practice resources.

Monthly Practice Updates and News (scroll down)

April Practice Update

The theme for this month is Love.

Companion materials:

Two Minute March Overview

Welcome to March! Our theme is being alert for beauty. This is a brief two minute welcome to a new month and to our theme, as well as to the monthly practice cards for March.

March Practice Update

The theme for this month is: Beauty.

Companion materials:

January Practice Update!

Welcome to the third year of #30DaysofGoddess! There is a place for you! The theme this month is resilience and new beginnings.

Companion materials:

February Practice Update

The theme this month is Open.

Companion materials:

Happy New Year!

Reflections on 730 days of practice and the power and magic of daily practice.

2023 classroom (90% discount with code HAPPYNEWYEAR)

600 Days of Goddess!

Reflections on the powerful, life-changing magic of daily practice after 600 days.

Making a Space for Magic

Is that what you crave too?

Preparing a Prayerbook

Getting a new #30DaysofGoddess prayerbook ready is an intentional process of making a place for yourself, a sacred space to return to again and again.

Referenced in video:

Preparing a new prayerbook (7 minutes)

Brief thoughts and flip-throughs about the ritual element of preparing a space for yourself in prayerbook form.

Daily practice is magic!

A seven minute video with some thoughts on the power of daily practice.
Printable reminder cards also available for you here.

Simple body-based practices

A brief video with some body-based additions to your blessing basket of daily practices.

Creating a Prayerbook Practice

This longer (25 minute) prayerbook flip through video explores how we go from “this” (a flat and blank book) to “that” (a fat, juicy prayerbook filled with your wisdom and magic!).

Additional shorter (8 minute) flip through video of the Simple Logbook format is here.


Below are links for past months of practice. Remember: there is no behind and no right way! That said, if you want to dig in to any past months or print anything you’ve missed, you’ll find all those links below:

December Practice Update

November Practice Update

October Practice Update

September Practice Update:

August Practice Update:

July Practice Update:

June Practice Update:

May Practice Update:

April Practice Update:

March Practice Update

February Practice Update

January Practice Update (with audio and new printables)

One Minute Reflection on #365DaysofGoddess

This is a one minute reflection on how we went from a simple vision for a single, 30 day devotional practice to #365DaysofGoddess!

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Resources for Goddess-Centered Devotional Practice

We offer many additional resources around the theme of goddess-centered devotional practice.

Mailing List

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#30DaysofGoddess Welcome and Explanation

This video helps explore the #30DaysofGoddess practice and what it is.

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