#30DaysofGoddess 101

Step 1: What is #30DaysofGoddess?

This video is a brief introduction to the concept of this simple and remarkable daily practice.

Additional resources:

Step 2: Practice Resources

This video explores the different resources available for #30DaysofGoddess.

Etsy Shop for Cards & Publications

Step 3, Part 1: Prayerbook Process with Full Size Prayerbook

This video explores using a daily prayerbook available in our etsy shop or as a printable file from the practice home page. Note: if this is the prayerbook you’d like to use, skip past the next two videos to Step 4.

NEW: Printable booklet file is right here.

Resources referenced:

Step 3, Part 2: Prayerbook Process with Simple Homemade Prayerbook

This brief video looks at using a very simple homemade prayerbook.

NEW: printable mini booklet file is right here.

If you are curious about the original audio from January 2021 when the #30DaysofGoddess practice was born (using a similar prayerbook), you can listen to it here.

Video about sewing a simple prayerbook.

Step 3, Part 3: Prayerbook Process with Simple Logbook

This brief video explains using a simple logbook format.

NEW: printable simple logbook file is right here.

Step 4: Card Decks

This video explores using our various card decks.

Step 5: Additional Ideas (without making a book)

This older video explores the many way of participating in #30DaysofGoddess without making a book.

Handout version available here.

Step 6: Ongoing Monthly Practice

Click below for the current month’s practice video and associated printables.

Where do you get supplies for your prayerbooks?

A video exploring where I get supplies for my daily prayerbook practice! It turned out much longer than I expected, mainly because I find stuff everywhere. ;) This is one of the top questions I get and I decided it deserved a video. Where do you find supplies for your prayerbooks?

Daily practice is magic. It will change your life!

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