Daily Practice Starter Kit

Welcome to the Daily Practice Starter Kit!

This video is a 9 minute introduction to everything that is included in your starter kit, just scroll down to access each included element.

Printed prayerbooks and card decks to support your practice are available from our etsy shop.

If you are just getting started with #30DaysofGoddess, also check out our
step-by-step 101 guide.

Video: Why Daily Practice?

A lightly edited video transcript is available here.

Video: What is #30DaysofGoddess?

The elevator speech welcome and general overview of the practice.

Printable Prayercard Deck

Printable Ritual Deck

Printable Word Deck

Free Companion Class: #7DaysofGoddess

This class will introduce you to the basics of daily practice from a goddess-centered perspective.

Older Video on How to Use Printable Decks

This video was created last year with an older edition of the printable decks. It still contains good information and ideas about how to use them to create goddess-centered daily devotional practices.

I do have another video available about creating practices that do not involve daily writing or art.

Video: Encouragement for Daily Practice

An additional 28 minute encouragement video is here.

Ongoing Practice with #30DaysofGoddess

Including printables and monthly additions.

Companion Resources


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